Extended Addiction Treatment Program

Extended Addiction Treatment: 6 Months


The structure of the neurological center includes an outpatient department, the Department of Functional Studies of the Nervous System and the Visual Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Department. Medical Center provides diagnoses and treatments for patients of all ages.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

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  • Quick diagnosis
  • Complex medical tests
  • Early identification and intervention
  • Complex surgical interventions

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

What to Expect

Clients will work with doctors, nurses, counselors, behavioral health technicians and peer mentors. They will receive nutritional counseling and a customized exercise program, participate in Bible Studies and attend three church services a
week, along with other group activities. Housing is provided as part of the program.
Care is individualized according to the unique needs of the patient. After clients stabilize and continue to grow personally, they will receive pre-job training, life skills training, team building activities, financial classes, and more ancillary services.
After patients complete a pre-job training course, they are encouraged to work or attend school part time while they continue treatment for several months. This important step helps them to navigate through real-life circumstances within our program’s structure of safety and accountability.

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Head Doctors

Medical Doctor
Dr. Marta Stewart

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