Accelerated Addiction Treatment Program

Accelerated Addiction Treatment: 1-3 Months

For those who need help with a drug or alchol problem, sometimes attending an accelerated treatment program is the best option.

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What to Expect

Our Accelerated Treatment Program consists of three phases that are customized to the individual's needs. It can range in length from 1-3 months, depending on personal growth and healing needs. Many people are able to take a Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) from work to focus on treatment until they are ready to live independently.

Patients will work with doctors, nurses, counselors and a personal trainer. They will receive nutritional counseling and a customized exercise program, participate in Bible Studies and attend three church services a week, along with other group activities. Food and housing are provided as part of the program. After successfully completing the program, many people like to continue attending our outpatient clinic for counseling services and continued support.

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