Lauren Perez, CPT, CHC, BHT

Lauren is the Marketing Specialist and Personal Trainer at Life Transformation Recovery. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach. As a Behavioral Health Tech she co-facilitates the Health & Wellness group and provides nutrition and exercise assessments, education and recommendations to the clients. Lauren’s previous experience working at therapeutic boarding school afforded her much experience within the behavioral health setting, working with individuals struggling with addiction and stuck in unhealthy thought patterns.  Lauren has found her own peace, joy and freedom when she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and is happily married to a graduate of the Life Transformation Recovery program.  She has seen the new life given to those who surrender and is devoted to helping others gain the same freedom in Jesus Christ.

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Name: Lauren Perez

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Phone:                                                           (844) 582-3733

Local:                                                              (928) 515-0066

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