Dr. Len Balke, MD

Dr. Balke serves as Medical Director and addiction psychiatrist at Life Transformation Recovery. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from The University of Kansas, and attended four years of psychiatric residency at Ohio State University. Dr. Balke is board certified in Addiction Psychiatry and is certified to use buprenorphine (Suboxone and Subutex) for management of opioid dependence. He also remains active as a general psychiatrist and was previously affiliated with the University of Virginia training medical students in the specialty of psychiatry.
Dr. Balke’s approach to patients is holistic and integrative, incorporating every part of the person into their medical care. He does not believe that a person is just a combination of their brain and chemicals. He is very skilled at balancing the need for medications for detox, mood stability, and sleep, with different types of therapy. Dr. Balke developed Life Transformation Recovery’s detox method, which is fine-tuned to the individual’s unique needs.

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